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Hello lovely Seaworthy customers, 

We need your help! We're looking for a handful of local Seaworthy ladies to help us out with a project. 

Do you have one special Seaworthy piece that you consider part of your signature look? 

Or maybe you're a Seaworthy collector? You have a variety of our pieces. Some special occasion pieces... others for daily wear... a little bit of everything. 

If you're local to the Portland area, and willing to have your photo taken, we want to hear from you! There might be free jewelry in it for you! 

Email Marisa at and tell us a little about yourself.

1. Name, age, profession, hobbies
2. What Seaworthy pieces do you have and how do wear them? 
3. Describe your personal style. 

That's it! We will choose our favorites to participate in a styled project. Participants will walk away with a new Seaworthy piece of their choice. 

Thank you! 
Seaworthy team

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