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For those of us in the Pacific NW, this is normally the month we feel summer actually starts. Temperatures rise to the 80's, the blue skies last for weeks on end and the Northwest people start sweating. 

Unless you are a student, or a maybe a lucky teacher, summer doesn't mean endless days of laying by a refreshing body of water with the sun kissing your cheeks. You go to work. Most days. And it's still hot. And you want to feel comfortable. We get it.

We are on board with a BEAT THE HEAT approach to style.

Look through Pinterest and you will see hundreds of different hairstyles for summer. Our favorite approach? The, oh-so-easy-to-use, HAIR PINS!

Why did we start making hair pins?

We needed something to get our hair out of our faces! Loose hair near a drill or soldering station = ouch. danger. OUCH.

How do we make our hair pins?

We take one of our cast designs, solder it to hand fabricated wire, shape the piece, clean and tumble the piece, and HAND HARDEN it until our arms feel like jello! 

The overall concept?

An easy way to bring your hair away from your face and still have a beautifully polished look. Looking back, it is easy to see how our first Hair Accessory design was truly the gateway to the Objects Collection. Which is now becoming a growing collection of hand crafted and timeless pieces inspired by jewelry design.

We LOVE our growing Hair Accessory Collection. They are functional and as easy to use as a pencil in your hair. Except they look so much better than the old-school yellow #2! Stay tuned throughout the month for more detail on how to use the hairpins. 



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