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Written by Jenny Greenup


Posted on July 17 2016

When you peek past the lovely designs in our front showroom you will see the raw space that is our production studio. The process that goes into hand making each piece of jewelry is pretty incredible. Let me give you a hint at what this looks like...



1. Marisa sketches a design and hand carves it in wax. 



2. The one-of-a-kind wax piece is then cast in metal using the lost wax casting method.  The unique metal sculpture is then perfected, refined and tested for wearability. The final design is then used to make a mold for future wax injections.



3. Those injections are used by a small, locally-owned casting house to create each of our cast metal shapes.



4. The casting returns to us in a rough form. We then clean, shape, solder, tumble and work on the piece in whatever way it needs to make it pretty, durable and ready to assemble.  




5. Assembly is finished!! After we thoroughly check each piece for potential flaws (because we are humans after all!) we bring the finished product to you.



Thoughtful creativity drives Seaworthy. Slow fashion, environmentally friendly practices, and community mindfulness keeps us moving forward. Keep checking into the blog to learn more about these aspects of our process! 



Have you visited the showroom?

If not, come see us soon! We are open Sunday-Friday from 11am-4pm. BONUS: If you order from our website you can choose LOCAL PICK UP. That saves you $$ on shipping and also saves on packaging! Win win. 


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