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Written by Jenny Greenup


Posted on August 07 2016

Hair Pin Lifestyle

We strive towards minimalistic and effortless style; style that translates with ease from a hard day of work to any activity that helps shed one part of the day to enjoy the rest. (Our perfect day of relaxation is mornings in the garden, afternoons at the river, cocktails in the evening, walks around the neighborhood at dusk. But thats just us!) Whatever your day entails, we understand that the LAST thing you should be focusing on is loose strands of hair. So we created Seaworthy Hair Pins


Effortless Style

We asked a few friends to demonstrate some low maintenance hair pin styles that they use on the regular!! Read a little bit about them and their hairpinning style (yes we made that verb up) and check out the videos to see these ladies in action! 


Aveda esthetician, E.J. Daniel, rocks the classic bun with the Long Sun Up pin. Simply gather your hair to the back or top of your head, twisting it, wrapping it around itself, and weaving the hair pin through. 



Rebecca Rasmussen, lead guitarist in local bands The Wild Body and the all ladies band, Bitchn', uses the Palmae pin DAILY!. She pulls her hair up into a gorgeous version of a bun; the pompadour twist. And, she makes it look so very easy! 



Local hair stylist and OHSU nursing student, Kristy Nori, demonstrates how the Bauen hair pin works wonderfully to complete a half knot style; perfect for short and long hair styles. Do the same as you would with the bun except you just pull up the top layers of your hair. Bring your hair to the top of your head for a stylish half top knot or to the back of your head for clean and easy look. 



SE Portland bartender, Celia Nappi, has MASTERED the side braid to bun style!  A quick and easy looking braid that finishes in a sweet little bun, held together by the lovely Short Sun Up pin! Work or wedding, this style can go anywhere.

 (I'm still practicing this one! As of now, my fingers prefer to just tie themselves into a knot...)


Instagram Style

Our Instagram family are some of the first to show how well the hairpins work into their day to day. We LOVE LOVE LOVE when our Seaworthy Instagram followers show us how they use their hairpins. So creative, so inspiring and so beautiful. Tag @seaworthypdx with your hairpin look and we might repost it on our page!

 [Pictures pulled from @seaworthypdx Instagram tags]


Accessorize with Intention

The hair pin design aligns perfectly with Seaworthy's mantra of Accessorizing with Intention; the look is styled, polished and functional. Your hair is up and away from your face so you can focus your time and energy on, well, pretty much anything else!






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