sea-wor-thy /sē-wər-thē/ (fit or safe for travel)

Seaworthy Showroom & Workshop - 12 to 6 Tuesday to Friday
3322 NE Wasco St, Portland, OR 97232


Seaworthy is handmade collection with a focus on craftsmanship and community. #accessorizewithintention

We have been in business for seven years and Spring '17 will be our 13th collection. The Seaworthy staff is currently four women, wearing a variety of hats and working their butts off on the daily. 


The fives items listed below are our operating principles and the baseline from which we do business. 


We approach our work with integrity. We honor and respect our art and that of our peers. We approach our interactions internally and externally in a way that values each individual. 


We manufacture quality, lifetime products in an environment that nurtures quality of life. We partner with companies that share this philosophy. 


Sustainable manufacturing practices are at the forefront of our business. We work in a way that honors the processes we've created while allowing us to be open to opportunity and improvement.


We are building and nurturing a thriving community of employees, customers, vendors and neighbors. We are accountable to our community through our practices.  


We stay open to opportunity and growth, for this business as a whole and for each individual within the business.  We strive to minimize our impact on the planet while impacting our community in a positive way. 


We are currently working towards a certification through the Sustainability at Work program with the City of Portland. This involves a variety of extra steps for recycling, composting, energy efficiency, conscious disposal practices and more. We are excited about the challenge that sustainable manufacturing provides as well as the positive impact we have on our community and environment. 


We pay living wages, well over minimum wage, and our employees get paid time off for vacation, sick days and appointments. In addition, the Seaworthy staff is paid for 2.5 hours of volunteer time each month. They are also reimbursed through our Wellness Program for things like yoga, massage, acupuncture, ski passes, health related support groups, counseling and a variety of other choices they make for their own mental and physical well being. 


We donate 1% of our retail sales to causes that we believe in. We have an ongoing monthly donation going to the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. In addition, we have raised funds for families in our community that are facing medical expenses or hardships outside of their means. 

We're a small company. Our resources are limited but our ambition and heart is immeasurable. Every little bit counts. We do our part to make sure you feel good about spending your money here. 


Please feel free to contact Marisa with any questions.