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sea-wor-thy /sē-wər-thē/ (fit or safe for travel)


Seaworthy isn't just a fashion collection, it is a commitment to a way of creating that speaks to longevity. Nothing happens fast in handmade jewelry, so every piece must be made with intention. We are equally as committed to the process as we are to the final product. 

Everything that you see on our site is designed and manufactured by the Seaworthy team in our Portland, Oregon studio. 

Seaworthy Jewelry
Seaworthy is a handmade collection with a focus on craftsmanship and community. #accessorizewithintention
Seaworthy started in January of 2010 as a side project. An opportunity to escape a corporate job that had our designer, Marisa Howard, drowning in boredom. Over the years, Seaworthy has grown from a hobby to a full-blown jewelry production facility, employing skilled artisans and honoring a history of US manufactured jewelry.