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Seaworthy is Gold Certified through the Sustainability at Work program with the City of Portland. This involves a variety of extra steps for recycling, composting, energy efficiency, conscious disposal practices and more. We are working towards a 100% waste free production process. Items not used in production are recycled or re-used directly into our process. We support like-minded businesses through our supply chain, buying recycled and fair-mined materials where available and purchasing from US manufacturers and miners.
Being a sustainable manufacturer also involves supporting your products after they are sold. This means we are committed to educating our customers on proper care and offering repairs as needed. 


We use all re-usable or recyclable packaging and our shipping envelopes are made from 100% recycled, 90% post consumer materials and they are compostable! 


A large part of our sustainability commitment is about creating a positive work environment for the Seaworthy staff. This means a space of acceptance and respect, including opportunities for growth, diversified work loads and open communication.  We pay living wages and provide paid time off.  In addition, the Seaworthy staff is paid for a set number of volunteer hours. They are also reimbursed through our Wellness Program for things like yoga, massage, acupuncture, health related support groups, counseling and a variety of other choices they make for their own mental and physical well being. 


We donate 1% of our retail sales to causes that we believe in from local shelters to national organizations like the ACLU. In addition, we have raised funds for families in our community that are facing medical expenses or hardships outside of their means. For more info on our Give Back efforts, click here


We're a small company. Our resources are limited but our ambition and heart is immeasurable. Every little bit counts. We do our part to make sure you feel good about spending your money here.