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At Seaworthy we design from our experiences, we create our jewelry with intention and thoughtfulness. We want to create something that brings value and meaning into the world while caring for the environment and our natural resources.

We value our team and our network and we strive to create a greater impact on both. With our give back commitment we want to better our community and allow our employees to do more. A few things we do is each month our staff is given 2.5 hours paid volunteer time to help within our community. We are also striving towards our goal of 100% waste free production and aiming to achieve our Gold Certification from Portland's Sustainability at Work Program!  

Here are some other things we've been up to:

April 2019

This month holds a very special day in it….. EARTH DAY!

Back in January, we all sat together in our retail space and Marisa talked about what her vision was for this year, what she wanted from us but also what she wanted us all to do together. Our focus at Seaworthy is about sustainability, we strive to make jewelry that is kind to the earth and the resources that we are pulling from it. We also want to create jewelry that will last your lifetime and also a piece that is passed down for generations. We have this at the center of what we do and we want to bring that intentional center to the front of our give back. We decided that we wanted to change our volunteer time to be an activity that we do together and an activity that is focused around sustainability / cleaning up the earth.

In April we did our first event together as a team, we closed the shop for a few hours and we partnered with SOLVE for a clean up in NE Portland. There was a group of about 40 people that were volunteering, everyone got the gloves, bags, orange vests and we all just went out and cleaned up everything in sight. Our Seaworthy team cleaned up four bags of trash

it was eye opening for all of us to see how quickly we were filling up our bags. Sometimes it is easy to overlook trash, not many of us stare at the ground, or where the curb meets the road, those little areas, these places that tend to be forgotten, they were just full of garbage.

It felt so good to be together as a team and clean up OUR city and our neighborhood. One of the reasons that we really wanted to do this clean up, was because in the future we would love to host our own Neighborhood NE Sandy clean up. We love being able to give back to our community and to be a part of cleaning up the city that we love so much. We all cannot wait for the next volunteer activity that we do!

February 2019 

February seems to have came and went so fast! For those who are wondering, our bioswale is doing mighty fine and looking clean and fresh. (See January below for details)

Let’s talk about giving back this month though! So we had our biggest ever Sample Sale and with this huge sale we wanted to make sure that we can give where we can. So during our sample sale we sold our beautiful Seaworthy Tote bags for $25 dollars and with it you got a meal tickets from Sisters of the Road to give to someone in need on the streets. We also donated $10 of each tote to Sisters of the Road so that will be another 5 meals for anyone walking through their doors. 

We love giving to this organization that is fighting for systemic change and challenging a food system that does not prioritize the right to “good food” by those experiencing homelessness and poverty. Thank you so everyone who came in and supported us and helped us give back to Sisters of the Road!   

We always have a few styles leftover after our sample sales. Rather than hold on to them for our next event, we wanted to get them into new homes right away and help our community at the same time. 

So we decided to donate them to Dress for Success to help some friends feel their best at their next interview. The Oregon chapter is just down the street from us!  We are excited for these beauties to have a new home with someone in our local community. 

January 2019

Well, we like to kick off the New year with a bang and some new projects. So we (drum roll) adopted a Bioswale right around the corner from us!

We are doing a weekly clean up of our bioswale to maintain the water drainage and to pick up and sort all the trash. We did our first clean up and made it look so beautiful and clean, we got pretty inspired by just cleaning out our bioswale that on the walk back to Seaworthy we decided to clean up the sidewalk as well.Our team also received some high fives from some runners that were passing by and said that they should do the same in their neighborhood! These little changes can make a HUGE impact and we are looking forward to cleaning up and planting in our little adopted slice of Portland.

December 2018

This month can have some moments where we all seem to lose track of time, we tend to be very busy and hustling with orders and trying to finish up everything for the year. We didn’t let this month go by though without giving back. We partnered up with Still We Rise again for their 6th Auction. All the money this round went to great causes that are on the ground helping with the refugees at the boarder, Circle of Health and Families Belong Together were the two organizations that all the proceeds went to this round. We donated a $100 gift card for the auction on instagram and the winning bid was $135! YES! We enjoy working with Still We Rise and all the do for our world and look forward to more auctions in the future with them. 

As this month and year come to a close we are reflecting and so grateful of all the work we have done. Giving back to our community and working together as the Seaworthy family to help and volunteer has made us thankful for what we have done and so very excited for what is to come 2019! We are ready to give back even more this coming year. 

November 2018

This was an eventful month for all of us, our staff was able to help and support the Pixie Project at their fundraising event. The Pixie Project is a non-profit animal adoption center and rescue. They offer services to the public such as pet adoption, vet appointments and so much more. We were able to jump in wherever we were needed and we helped with the set up of the silent auction and also as part of the serving staff to assist with all the people attending the event. We also donated a gift card as part of the silent auction to raise money for them.

Marisa also went down and spent some time in California for the West Coast Craft.

While driving down and seeing all the smoke and devastation from the fires it was made clear that we wanted to do our part to help however we could. So part of the sales from that weekend and the next weekend of small business Saturday went to support the North Valley Animal Disaster Group. 

October 2018

We feel so lucky to know some truly beautiful organization that are doing amazing things for our world and we got to help out one, Still We Rise is a non profit and online auction that has done 5 auctions to support different causes that have risen up in our world. We got to be a part of there first live event at Union Pine hosted by Pom Pom Social. We donated a pair of the new Beau Earrings. 

We closed our shop for a few hours and the whole Seaworthy team hopped in a van, collected, unpacked and helped set up the event at Union Pine (insert strong woman pose). We were also able to recycle, reuse or donate all the materials from packing (YAY zero waste). All the proceeds from this event and the online auction went to support the ACLU, TEXAS CIVIL RIGHTS PROJECT, and RAICES.

We had the opportunity to be a apart of the Zero Waste community here in Portland, our resident expert Marley had the chance to go to a meet up and learn about how to become more waste free! She encouraged us all to do the "bring your own cup" pledge. As well as learning new ways for us to be the best and strive for Zero waste.

 We also donated a lot of material that would have gone to waste to Scrap PDX, some of castings and materials comes in plastic ziplock bags and spools that are left after we use up our chain we were able to partner with Scrap to donate these materials to have a second life and not go into a landfill.

 APRIL 2018 

This month we donated a large collection of high quality supplies and tools  to Jean's Place. This is a Portland based shelter for women who are experiencing homelessness. Jean's Place is putting together a jewelry making workshop and our donation will hopefully help them jump start the program. Both for job skills and the therapeutic affects of working with your hands. 


MARCH 2018
(Update: Total donation $1800 cash plus hygiene items)
This month we focused on raising awareness and funds for Rose Haven, a Portland-based, day-shelter for children and female-identifying adults. Domestic abuse is the number one reason that women experience homelessness and Rose Haven provides a sanctuary for those in need. 


If you live in Portland, you know that there is a large population of people experiencing homelessness. I am not proud to admit that I have felt frustrated by the people who are camped out in front of our business or blocking public areas in an attempt to have a place that feels like their own. The Seaworthy team has talked a lot about this and we decided to do something to change our view and recognize the value of the individual lives that exist within these situations.  Not everyone has a safety net to fall back when life hits a rough patch. Places like Rose Haven provide that and we couldn't be more grateful. 


As a woman-owned and women-ran business we are driven to provide support and community to other women. As a day shelter and community center in Portland, Rose Haven, serves women and children who are experiencing the trauma of abuse, loss of home and poverty. Rose Haven first helps meet basic needs for food, clothing, hygiene, and safety. Then guests are provided education, support and resources to assist them in regaining stability in their lives. 


In 2017, Rose Haven served 3,383 women and children. Our goal is to assist them in their efforts to positively impact the lives of children and female-identifying adults in Portland. Thank you for your interest in helping us achieve these goals. 


Here is a list of ways to participate in our March give back efforts:




Drop off donations (new & unused) at Seaworthy, during our spring cleaning event or anytime in March during our regular open hours (Tuesday to Friday//12 pm to 6 pm). We will give you $5 off your purchase on the day you donate. 
Items needed (full size, all items new and unused):
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • razors
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrushes
  • body wash
  • Underwear & Bras

Buy something from our online store - 10% of retail sales donated to Rose Haven

Click the box to "Round Up for Charity" on the check out screen when placing your order. All round ups will be donated. 

Seaworthy will also be doubling our "give back time" for employees who volunteer at Rose Haven in the month of March.  Employees are normally paid for 2.5 hours of volunteer time per month, in March they will be paid for 5 hours.

Questions? Please contact our Give Back liaison, Marley at  

Thank you to the Seaworthy community and team! We are proud of the difference that we can make together.



This month we officially achieved our Silver Certification from Portland's Sustainability at Work Program! We have been working towards this goal for about a year. We will not be stopping here - we are well on our way to achieving our Gold Certification and our ultimate goal of 100% waste free production.