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Only items from the Ready-to-ship collection are available to order at this time. Please anticipate a 2 to 3 week lead time on order shipments. Sold out styles will not be restocked until after we return. If you are interested in a sold out style, please sign up to be notified when it restocks. That will help us determine where to focus our energy when we are back at the bench. Thank you for your understanding.



The Limited Edition Picnic Collection

Something fun, and very limited, is launching really soon! Playful, lightweight & light-hearted statement earrings. Unique in design and brimming with character.  Here is the story.

In a moment (a year and a half) of really missing friends - and restaurants - and shared evenings out, huddled together somewhere crowded - sharing laughs and stories - our voices gaining volume through a second bottle of wine - plates of cheese - ice trays of oysters. All the little, and seemingly simple, joys of evenings spent around a table with the ones we love. 

In that time of missing all of that… I started to make a thing. I hadn't intended for it to be something for the Seaworthy collection. I was just making, for the sake of making.  It began as a wire sculpture of a plate of oysters, then I added a lemon wedge, and then a bottle of wine and then an abstract wedge of cheese. A collection of wire sculptures that resembled a dinner table I wished I could fill with friends. 

I fell for those little wire pieces and set out to try to make something of them. So, molds were crafted. Metals were tested (and retested). Castings were hammered and soldered and assembled (and then reassembled). Until finally, we had earrings!  And, soon, SO SOON ... they will available for you to wear!

To honor summer and friendship and food and bottles of bubbly things to drink. I present, The Picnic Collection. I hope they bring joy to you and your summer wardrobe. And maybe to a stranger, who might wonder, “Wait, are those oysters on your earrings?” Yes, my friend. Yes, they are.

Thank you! 


Limited stock of multiple styles will be available July 29th at 6pm (pacific). Orders will ship August 10th (still waiting for some custom packaging to arrive) Join the email list to be notified when they are available.


Lookbook photos by Brianna Lee