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Written by Marisa Howard


Posted on March 18 2015

It was such a fun surprise to see Seaworthy earrings on the latest episode of NBC's Elementary. Lucy Liu's character, Watson, wore the Small Amante earrings for the majority of the episode.

How great is Lucy Liu? I actually sat next to her at Ava Gene's last year and she was so friendly and engaging. So, when you add up that moment, her wearing the earrings and my love for her character in Kill Bill (O-Ren Ishii - who cuts off a guys head with a sword) ... well, it's like we're soul sisters. I mean, really. 

Thanks for making this girl's day (and the whole Seaworthy team's) Lucy. And seriously, check out her website and all the cool things she stands for and is a part of. 

I'll be nerding out over this photo for a while.