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Written by Marisa Howard


Posted on February 04 2022

Update // June 2, 2022 

Hello Everyone, 

Thank you for the patience you've shown during this (much needed) pause. We didn't get as much adventure as we hoped as my husband's health became our top priority. Having the space to navigate all of that has been invaluable. 

I am dipping a toe back into the studio, as I'm feeling the itch to create again. Things will continue to look different and the site will remain sparse. 

The main change is that I won't be taking on any custom projects for the foreseeable future. The fine jewelry options will be limited to what I have available on the site. If you were hoping to start a custom project with me after sabbatical, please accept my apology that this will not be an option. 

Custom projects take a lot of time, focus and mental energy and with my husband's health still fragile, I don't want to start down a path that I won't be able to complete. 

I appreciate your understanding. 

Please join the mailing list to be notified when items are listed online. I will update the progress of things in a newsletter within a couple weeks. 

Thank you so much! 



After 12 years of making jewelry and growing this business, I am taking a little pause for relaxation and adventure. 

I have one more release of fine jewelry one-of-a-kinds coming late February/early March. Those pieces will be available for a brief window to order online and then everything in the store will move to a "sold out" status.

I am taking time off for a sabbatical, and a little adventure, starting in March. I won't be making any new or made-to-order items until after I return. If you've followed Seaworthy for a while, you may know that my husband has been living with brain cancer since 2016. After his third surgery in late 2021, and subsequent treatments, we have decided to dedicate 2022 to one part relaxation and one part adventure. 

I am working on restocking my retail partners, so please check the store list and shop from those amazing places. 

If you already have a custom project in the works, please don't worry, those will all be completed in the timelines we have discussed. 

Thank you for your support through these tumultuous last couple years. And don't worry, this isn't goodbye forever. It's just a break.

Thanks so much!