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Written by Marisa Howard


Posted on July 15 2015

Perhaps this realization makes me a little late to the party, but either way, it's good to arrive. I found myself standing in front of Georgia O'Keeffe's Red and Yellow Cliffs (1940) for the first time about five years ago at the MET. Realizing for the first time, just how moving her work really is. I guess I'd never really SEEN her paintings and this time,  I couldn't look away.  I didn't want to leave the painting. It wrapped around me in a way that made it seem intrusive when another person stopped to look at it.  

Photo from MET website - click photo to follow link

This moment with the Red and Yellow Cliffs prompted me to research more of her work and, in turn, her life. Seeing a bit of the world through her eyes has left me with a renewed sense of how art is created, not just through the work but through life.

Photo of Georgia O'Keeffe by Philippe Halsma

 Here are a few images from a book that I scored second-hand. It was published in the 70's and it's full of color plates of her paintings and words from her about the processes. Also mixed in are photos of her working or finding inspiration. Here are a couple snaps I took from the book, Georgia O'Keeffe. (Here's a link to the Georgia 0'Keeffe Museum!)