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Written by Marisa Howard


Posted on August 09 2020

A lot has changed around here and staying in business means adjusting to the times. Ebbing and flowing with whatever the world is sending our way. With that in mind, we are addressing a production issue in our most popular category, RINGS!

Currently, all rings are available to order at any time, in any combination, with a lead time of four to five weeks. This is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. Here is why.

In the past (pre-pandemic), we would add your custom rings in with our weekly casting orders which included a variety of pieces for wholesale orders, online orders and extra items for back stock. Always enough to meet the minimums with our caster. Currently, we aren't receiving wholesale orders in the frequency we used to, and with our store closed and in-person events canceled, we no longer need back stock. That leaves just the online orders, which aren't enough on their own to meet the minimums with our caster on a weekly basis.

So, here is what needs to happen. We need to limit the custom ring orders to a short window each month. This will help us gather all the orders at the same time and meet the casting minimum while still maintaining a reasonable lead time.

Here is what this means for you. Each month, we will have a three-day window where you can order the ring you want, in the size & stone combination you need. All rings ordered during that time will ship within 4 to 5 weeks. For the rest of the month, these rings will be “sold out”. We will continue to maintain and add to the Ready-to-ship section throughout the month, offering that instant gratification and giving you access to the small amount of inventory we are keeping on hand.

Hopefully, you will see this change as a chance to plan ahead. Find your ring size (we now sell these). Research and choose your stone. Plan for your budget. All that good stuff.

We will have three ring ordering windows for the rest of 2020. The November one will be the last chance to order for holiday gifts.

September 7 – 9 (ship by October 15th)

October 7 – 9 (ship by November 15th)

November 7 – 9 (ship by December 15th)

This will apply to rings with stones and all “custom” sizes in rings without stones.