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Written by Marisa Howard


Posted on June 17 2020

UPDATE: Raffle is closed! We raised a total of $2200. Those funds have been dispersed to the causes and the winners have been notified. We also donated an extra $50 to a project with a local Black opera singer, click here for details

I stand with Black Lives Matter and I want this business to be a clear reflection of that. I am committed to the long haul and the work it is going to take to make that happen. Please bear with me while I slow down to educate myself, listen to leaders and act in a way that will have direct and lasting impact.

Seaworthy has always made "giving back" central to our vision, but I know that we fall short when it comes to be an active force for dismantling systemic racism. We are taking this time to listen, learn ... look at our own lives and privilege...  and then act in a way that is meaningful and impactful. Our resources are limited and our reach is small but we know that every platform, no matter the size, has opportunities for growth, change and impact. 

In the short term, we are raising some funds for the more urgent needs in our city and nation. This raffle is just an opening to a new chapter here. I don't want to go back to normal, but I want to start sharing art again and using what we already know how to do (make jewelry) to draw attention to causes that we believe in.

We are donating all proceeds from this raffle to the following organizations (split evenly between the two) 

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Don't Shoot PDX

($10.25 - the .25 is to cover the payment fee. $10 will be donated)

Winner will be chosen at random on June 16th. We will draw one winner from each product. (UPDATE: We have raised $1200 as of 6/13 so I am adding an additional winner for each product. I will now draw two winners for each style)

More information about the two items we are raffling off. 

1. Rise Ring - Winner will Choose from Brass or Sterling Silver with a Choice of stone from Lapis, Rutilated Quartz or Aquamarine. Choose your size 5 through 9. Value $145 - $185.  Click here to see the item on our website

2. Condensation & Hart Ring Stack: Winner will get a choice of sterling silver or brass (or a mix). Custom made in a size 5 through 9. (both rings must be the same size)

* Custom sizes may take up to 5 weeks to ship *