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Written by Rachael Elston


Posted on January 31 2019

Back in September, we started talking about a new website.  We realized that there was so much that goes into each piece that doesn't get shown off enough. We wanted to bring to life all that we do and show you the sweat, challenges and laughter that goes into everything we make at Seaworthy.

When I first started at Seaworthy I remember thinking "Oh, I know what handmade is!" As I got deeper into the process, the organization and the challenges that goes into hand-making jewelry, I started thinking, "I don't know what truly handmade means."

Now, being around self proclaimed "jewelry geeks" to them the process is second nature, it's just all in the good fun of making jewelry. To me, it is this whole new world, of polishing media that makes pieces shiny, to machines that will take your arm off (okay, maybe a finger). So, when in the talks of this new website, the important part for us, was to show you the inner workings and all the machines, polish, saws, wax and everything else in between that makes Seaworthy so unique and wonderful. And, truly handmade. 

We decided a video would be the best way to capture what we do. We had this idea in our heads of what we wanted but needed to find someone to bring it to life. Through a series of wonderful events we came across the passionate Jorge Cuevas, who was ready to take on this task of making our process beautiful.

Once you get into the rhythm of making jewelry, it's easy to overlook how much you actually do. It just becomes this ingrained music by which you flow through each step. We know all the steps by heart at this point so we had a lot of planning and organizing to do to figure out how to show you the hundreds of things we do in any given day.

With the plan in place, the storyboard ready and the Word docs done, Jorge and his team got to work.  They shot the whole process, from wax carving to final polish. Including an in-depth interview with Marisa. Now, we wait. While all that goes into post production happens behind the scenes. We know it will come together to be composed into a beautiful symphony, showing what we do here at Seaworthy. We cannot wait to share it with you!