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Written by Marisa Howard


Posted on September 28 2020

We have been working with the kind and talented folks at Fleur for years (& years!), showcasing our jewelry alongside their vibrant and timeless floral design. Here is how they summarize the shop: 

"Established in 2002, what began as a floral bucket shop has transformed into wonderful world of floral, foliage, home goods and more.  Fleur is more than just a floral shop, our retail brick and mortar is filled to the brim with home goods, linens, fine jewelry, fragrances and so much more.  We pride ourselves on our curated selection of gifts inspired by the Fleur Lifestyle." 

They recently asked me to participate in their newsletter feature, "Meet the Maker Monday." Of course I was happy to answer a few questions for some of my Chicago favorites. 

Check out Fleur online or next time in Chicago!