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Written by Rachael Elston


Posted on June 03 2019

As the seasons change here in Portland and we all fully come alive in the heart of Spring, we here at Seaworthy are changing and growing as well. We are getting ready for our second launch of our spring collection (Check out Colors Collection).

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. We are wanting to be fully transparent on what is to come for the future of Seaworthy.

What we have been doing in the past is around September we would start gearing up for trade shows in New York. Marisa would be creating pieces for this deadline, maybe she would have a handful of pieces that she had created over the last few months but then in order to launch a full line she would need to strike some major inspiration to round out the collection. At the trade shows Marisa is meeting with all our wonderful wholesale accounts and helping plan for what stores need. Once we finish trade shows we start to see our wholesale orders hit our inbox. The following months with the holidays turn into a blur of metal, wax, and polishing cloths. Then, BAM we wake up from our soldering coma and it is January and we are planning for the February trade shows.

This year we had a shift and Marisa deciding not to go to trade shows and stay home with her husband (link here for the whole story). When we shifted that in January it has taken us on this different path that we are on now.

We are doing much smaller launches of mini collections as they are ready. Last month, we did a little, first time ever, ring pre-order for the two newest rings in our collection, the Rise Ring and the Esposita Ring

With this change, we have been able to work on our fine jewelry collection, something that has been on the to do list of Marisa for years. She has always done custom projects for different people, but being able to create fine, one-of-a-kind jewelry is this creative freedom to follow the path of inspiration. So it has been really exciting as we start seeing these different waves of the fine jewelry come in, we are all so giddy and in awe of the individual beauty of each new creation. 

This new way has given us a flow and freedom to create, it's not better or worse, it’s just different. Something that we are all learning to explore and see where the change can take us for now. Keep on the look out for new collection releases as we roll them out. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and always continues to support us! We are forever grateful.