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Written by Rachael Elston


Posted on April 10 2019

WHEW! We have been working hard in the background, doing the new store remodel, a complete redesign of the website, designing a new collection and the list goes (did we mention our second spring release is happening soon?!?). But that was not enough for us, as we have also been working on a new WORKSHOP AND EVENT SPACE! Before we even moved into the new retail space, Marisa was planning on how to use the space.

Over the last few months we have been brainstorming about what we want to bring to this space and how we want to be part of the community. So we are going to be launching two different workshop series, Sustainable Closet and Sustainable Home. Under each series we will be exploring the aspects of sustainability in our lives and our closets.

The Sustainable Closet collection will be about taking care of the things that we already own and have invested in. Do you have a sweater that is getting fuzzy, jewelry that needs a little cleaning or maybe a mending issue with a button or a hole. We will have classes around how to mend your closet and take care of the pieces that are already in your wardrobe.

The Sustainable Home series will be about creating sustainability within your home, making things to create less waste but also healthier homes. Workshops on bee’s wax wraps, making cleaning products, making produce bags and so much more.

Along with these two series we are also hosting workshops about everything Seaworthy, workshops on wax carving rings and making mini mobiles. We already have three dates up on our website now that you can go and sign up for. (Link here)

We have been testing out the space first on our little Seaworthy family, with a movie day preview. We were the first to see the beautiful maker video that has been in the works for 6 months (watch here)! We also got to see our sweet 'meet the team' page and the in's and out's of the new website.

That same night we invited our friends and family come and celebrate these last few with us over a massive cheese plate. Did you know some of the new styles in the new collection are based off of cheese plates, see it here.

The space has been a fun experience for our team, friends and family and we are so excited to open the doors up to you all and explore how this space can be and how we can help grow and impact our community.