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Written by Rachael Elston


Posted on May 31 2019

If you have been following Seaworthy for a while you may have noticed that we have been making more rings and making them more customizable. We feel very strongly about creating rings for all size fingers, so about a year ago we decided we wanted to bring our wax molding / injections in house.

What does this mean? Basically that we are able to create any size that we need in wax and send it off to be cast. The picture above shows the scrap wax from the wax injector that melts it and then we 'inject' the hot wax into the molds and get the picture below of the wax ring molds. This gives us the ability to make custom size rings, larger sizes and smaller sizes, which we love being able to give ANYONE an option to wear our rings

We now carry sizes 5 - 9 but if you need a very particular size we have options for that as well. Look for the "custom" option under the size choices, then enter your specific size in the order notes at checkout. 

Are you out of town from our store and don’t know your ring size? Helpful tip: Most of the time you can pop into any sort of jeweler and just ask to see what size your finger is. Then, with your size, go to our website and check out all the rings we have HERE