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Written by Marisa Howard


Posted on April 03 2018

There is a painting of Pablo Picasso, a self-portrait from 1907, that grabs a hold of me every time I see it. To me, it feels like a window into an intimate place. Fragmented and hollow in places, warm and weighty in others. He painted so many self-portraits in his lifetime, I'm not sure what it is about this one that affects me so much. Self-portrait is an interesting thing, it requires a certain level of self reflection, weighted with memory and loaded with the hope of the unknown. I don't think anyone can understand all the reasons why an artist chooses to portray themselves the way they do.  Some meanings are more obvious while others may even evade the artist at the time. The style is a forever favorite of mine, I love the vulnerability. 

I personally am drawn to the abstract face. I find it easily relatable, especially as I get older. It was a natural design to lean towards when creating faces for the Seaworthy collection.  I like to leave a bit of interpretation up to the wearer of the piece.  We now have three styles in the collection that feature abstract faces. The Two Face pendant and RBF key ring, features a different face on each side.  Choose your mood that day when you're putting together your look. I have the key ring and I find myself using it like a worry stone in my pocket. The Sophie Ring is the most abstract, I created this face using a series of simple shapes, with the focus being the all-seeing opal eye.

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Photos above:

1. All images from Picasso, Self Portrait at age 25, 1907 // Frida Kahlo, Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird 1940 // Pablo Picasso, Self Portrait at age 83, 1965

2. Photos of Seaworthy styles, RBF Key Ring and Sophie Face ring

 Do you want to see more faces in the future? Tell me why or why not! Leave a comment.