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Written by Rachael Elston


Posted on March 20 2019

It may or may not be new news to you but we built a store! We started this long journey at the beginning of December. The space adjacent to our workshop became available and we decided to make it our first retail pop-up! 

We set up the entire pop-up in one day, ONE DAY, just 8 hours of sweating and running around with alarm systems and rugs and tables but we all did it. The space remained in the temporary state, through the holidays and in to January. But, we always had a vision for what our permanent store could be! 

So, in February we shut the shop for a week and the remodel was underway. Marisa wanted the shop to be a extension of Seaworthy. Those feelings and emotions that our jewelry gives you, we wanted that same feeling walking into our store; intentional, beautiful and a little fun! We cannot wait for you all to come in and share this experience with us.  We encourage you to try on as many styles as you want, create a custom stack of rings or take the time to dig through our stone options for the best selling Esposa ring

We are also jumping for joy to be carrying some super special things to round out our home collection:

DRAM bitters and CDB drops

Stephaine Intelisano ceramics

Juniper Ridge incense

Rabbit rabbit ceramics

Jacobson sea salt

Taiga Press

Come by and see what we have created

3331 NE Sandy Blvd, In the Hollywood neighborhood of Portland, OR



Tues to Friday // 11 - 6

Saturday // 11 - 5

Sunday & Monday // Closed