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Written by Rachael Elston


Posted on March 20 2019

Our resident bad ass recycler (and jeweler!), Marley, has been working hard these last few months to get her Master Recycler Certification. What is a Master recycler you ask? Well, the program is an 8 weeks course where participants receive training on waste reduction and outreach techniques. You learn from leaders about topics like, sustainable consumption and production, recycling and composting, environmental impacts and so much more. The program offers three courses per year, rotating between each of the three counties in the metro area. Marley is super passionate about this in her own life and also is a HUGE inspiration about what we do here at Seaworthy. Every week, we loved getting together and chatting about all the information she learned so that we can better improve and implement them into Seaworthy life.

We are making the necessary changes to get our Gold Certification for the Sustainability at Work program in Portland (currently at Silver) and knowing even more information is helping us take the next step towards waste free production. Marley has inspired the Seaworthy team to do better in our personal lives. Over the last few months, each of us have discussed positive changes that we are making at home, because of her!

 If this topic interests you, Seaworthy is now hosting sustainability workshops, as part of our Sustainable Closet/Sustainable Home series. Our first Sustainable Home workshop, Make Your Own Bee’s Wax wraps, is officially on the calendar. These wraps help reduce plastic waste in our landfills. Click here to sign up

We are also hosting an event as part of the Zero Waste PDX Meet-Ups. The event will be on April 17th from 6pm-8pm (LINK HERE) and we will be discussing how to implement the practices required for the Sustainability at Work certification. 

 We are still pinching ourselves that we get to have an awesome master recycler here part of our team! GO MARLEY GO!

If you are interested in being part of any future sustainable event or have an idea for one reach out to me at!